Just Who is TERRIE LLOYD (テリー・ロイド)?

Terrie Lloyd (テリー・ロイド) is a 61-year dual-national of Australia and New Zealand, who has lived in Japan for over 35 years. A “self-made man” in the truest sense, he formed his first company while in Japan on a working holiday visa at the age of 25. Since then, he has established another 18 companies of his own and many others for clients.

Lloyd has brought his investors 8 successful earn-outs: LINC Computer in Japan and Techman in Hong Kong sold to EDS in 1995, the Web division of LINC Media sold to Chinadotcom in 1999, Layer-8 Technologies spun out to ThetaMusic in 2003, DaiJob Software Inc. sold to Nikko Principal in 2004, DaiJob Inc. sold to Human Holdings in 2005, and Esphion Ltd. in New Zealand sold to Allot Communications Inc. of Israel in 2007.

Currently Lloyd is the CEO and shareholder in travel web portal Japan Travel KK, inbound market research/consulting firm Japan Inc. Holdings, and software development firm MetroWorks. Between them, these companies employ in excess of 35 staff. www.japantravel.com is one of Japan’s largest inbound travel portal by traffic (largest by content volume), and has more than 18,000 contributors who have written 40,000+ articles in 13 languages including English, Japanese, Chinese(Simplified/Traditional), Korean, Thai, and French.

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How can Terrie Lloyd (テリー・ロイド) help you?

Company Establishmetns and Operations in Japan by Terrie LloydMarket Entry service to Japan

A turn-key market entry service that starts with research and distributor approaches, transitions to sales/representation agreement negotiation, and continues with oversight of the new partner. This service is divided into clear, basic steps so that you can be in control of what you buy versus what you need. A key difference of this service is that Terrie’s team will do pre-sales to help you quickly identify and engage with interested partners, distributors, and even customers.

An additional service to facilitate market entry is MTest, which is an online/offline testing service for foreign companies looking to get audience reactions to their products and services from consultants and ordinary consumers.

Last but not least, Terrie is the country representative for the Ohio Department of Development in Japan, helping Ohioan companies for more than 5 years to research the Japanese market and to find distributors and customers here.

Company Establishments and Operations in Japan by Terrie LloydCompany establishments and back office

A strategic part of Terrie’s operation is his incubator approach to setting up new companies, and he can supply you with a complete back office solution through the MyHR company. The back office operation consults with you about what you are trying achieve and recommends the best type of company to use.

Then on a carefully priced menu, offers establishment of the business, setting up and integrating the operation with your international best practices, and provides ongoing support to run the back office until you are ready to take it over. Services provided include: bookkeeping, tax accounting, legal (through partner), HR, and judicial scrivener services. The back office team also has recruiting and outsourcing licences as part of the service mix.

System Integration and Support in Japan by Terrie LloydSoftware and website development and support

Two teams of bilingual professionals work on website development and related software projects on a bespoke basis. Websites are designed for maximum flexibility and multiple languages, while minimizing cost of support. Technologies commonly used, in both English and Japanese include WordPress, Drupal, Open Cart, Zurmo, and Vanilla Forums. Languages used by the software folks include PHP Zend, MySQL, Java, HTML5, and various mobile languages.

Technology import and sales in Japan by Terrie LloydOnline marketing

By virtue of having created and managed several of the largest bilingual web portals in Japan (www.daijob.com for recruiting and www.japantravel.com for inbound travel), Terrie has acquired a deep knowledge of how the Japanese internet market works. By thorough analysis of the target audience preference, and use of deep-value content and user incentives, you can build a long-lasting site which is rich in traffic, user interactivity and therefore user data, without having to resort to sledge hammer web advertising and related monster budgets.

Private Equity Investment in Japan by Terrie LloydVC/PE investment sourcing and consulting

Although Venture Capital (VC) and Private Equity (PE) are very different approaches to financing company growth, Terrie has experience in both. On the VC side, Terrie has personally raised more than US$25 million of capital for various companies, mostly in the tech sector. His network of VC sources in Japan range from well-known funds, to angels, to strategic corporate investors who don’t advertise. On the PE side, Terrie has been engaged in a number of high-profile M&A and investment searches, including a 2-year M&A mandate from one of the USA’s largest financial software companies.

Icon_Entrepreneur’s Handbook Seminar in Tokyo Japan by Terrie LloydEntrepreneur’s Handbook Seminar

This quarterly English-language 5-hour intensive business seminar is targeted to people looking to start their own company in Japan or international firms trying to understand how things get done in Japan. Over 850 people have taken the seminar in the last 12 years, and approximately 20% of them have gone on to found companies. Terrie goes into deep practical detail about the way Japanese businesses are funded, how people are recruited, how sales are made, and many other aspects of business that you won’t find in an MBA course. Terrie also does public speeches on entrepreneurship, on request.

Brands in which Terrie Lloyd has an interest