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J@pan Inc has its roots as a business magazine covering issues, trends and controversies across all industries in Japan with a particular focus on foreigners already established here, or those hoping to break into the market. Because it is one of the few authorative, unaffiliated (i.e., unbiased) sources of business commentary in Japan, it naturally draws the attention of businesses seeking to find out more about how to enter the Japan market. With that in mind, J@pan Inc. Holdings now offers market research, distributor matching, and market entry services. Our staff are bilingual, are trained in business negotiations and sales, and are able to find and make deals on the behalf of our foreign clients. As testimony to our service quality and integrity, we represent the state of Ohio in Japan for trade matters, a position we have held since 2007.
J@pan Inc. has a media services business, which provides a wide range of bilingual marketing and media activities, including website development in Japanese, translation, and other language-intensive work. The company also has share holdings in a number of other services and technology companies and will continue to take early-stage cash and sweat-equity positions in start-ups and other promising ventures as the opportunities arise. We invite companies looking for investment to contact us for assessment.


  • Online publication – J@pan Inc magazine: www.japaninc.com
  • Business development consulting services for Small-Medium Enterprises
  • Market entry consulting and services for foreign multinationals
  • Web site/brochure development in English and Japanese
  • Seminar/Conference coordination
  • Early-stage equity investment and consulting

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