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Japan Travel CEO-Terrie-Lloyd - Creating-Business-in-Japan_Original-LogoJapanTravel has become the most trusted reference for travel to Japan by creating excellent content to guide travelers and provide the resources necessary to plan and complete the perfect visit to Japan. JapanTravel.com holds the largest collection of travel articles and photos and is Japan’s only travel site to use a points-based system to reward contributors and readers alike.

JapanTravel is a network of more than 20 partners and 2,500 contributors, who represent the whole of Japan, rather than just Tokyo and other big cities. Our content is created by local Japanese and resident foreigner contributors – who know Japan best.

We have created a massive database approaching 10,000 articles, 50,000+ photos, and are now expanding into video content. We aim to become the primary hub for travel information in Japan.

Technologically, our site is powered by a unique and user-friendly crowd sourcing content management system. Our highly functional system is continuously being improved and includes, rankings, discussion, rewards and much more.


  • Ad sales on site
  • Paid editorials
  • Bespoke travel article writing services (Japanese, English, Thai)
  • Travel planning
  • Hotels, tour reservations
  • Foreign company inbound travel research

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