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Staying in the Limelight

In conservative Japan, senior managers love doing deals and wielding power, but only if they can do so without fanfare or attention of the press. To garner press attention in the business world is setting yourself up for others to take potshots at you if you fail, and for professional jealously to sour personal […]


I get a lot of email from people overseas trying to figure out how to get into Japan and get started. Although I have covered this topic at some length in past columns, I’ll go through it once more as a case study. Also, as always, I will start with a disclaimer. I am […]

Job Hunting – From Overseas

This column is usually written for people already in Japan, both Japanese and non-Japanese alike. Today, however, I’d like to give some guidelines for people who haven’t gotten here yet. If you have a friend fitting this category, clip it and fax it to them, or get the electronic version at www.workinjapan.com, under “Terrie’s […]

More About Internships

The great thing about Japan’s company-based society is that the whole structure of work is based around human relationships. If you’re liked and you show your enthusiasm, then even despite a less than excellent performance, you can expect to keep your job. Therefore, the trick as a job candidate is to get yourselfinto a […]

Probation Periods act as Filter

I am often surprised at how much effort some companies put into filtering their candidates at the interview process. Yes, it’s important to find out as much as possible and try to get the best person available, but at the end of the day, no IQ or EQ test is infallible, especially for companies […]

Plummeting post-IPO prices in Japan – Business News

How important is a strong CEO for a strong IPO?

Over the last couple of months, the Nikkei 225 stock index has been steadily recovering, passing the 16,000 mark at the end of September. Market sentiment is good and foreigners are busy buying stocks, being net buyers last week. As readers will know, we’re interested […]

Titanium Oxide and Hay Fever in Japan – Business News

Hay fever in Japan.
It’s the wrong time of year for it, hay fever in japan usually hits in spring, but given that the next issue of Japan Inc. magazine carries details of a new invention to help control it, we thought we’d give some advance notice on the subject here at Terrie’s Take.

Back in […]

The Two-Year Rule

A fter 19 years in Japan, I have a pretty good network of friends here. I’m sad to say that at least half of them are unhappy with their jobs, and of that half, about 50% are actively thinking about leaving those jobs. Maybe it’s the pressure of Tokyo and the unique difficulties of […]

Starting Your Own Company

The one good thing about the current downturn in the economy is that it is forcing people to take charge of their lives and explore the reality of their situation. Even though suddenly losing your job can come as a terrible shock in an otherwise ordered life, it can also be an excellent opportunity […]

Wasted Talent

I’ve written before about the creeping age-related discrimination that is appearing in the job market. At 44 years old myself, it is quite sobering to know that for many jobs I’m already considered too old or borderline. I work about 70-80 hours a week, I’m highly motivated and experienced, and feel that I could […]