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Metropolis is Japan’s No 1 English magazine.

30,000 copies of Metropolis are distributed every second week. The magazine is read by over 70,000 readers from up to 1000 distribution points throughout Tokyo, Yokohama and Chiba. There are a further 30,000 regular internet readers. Japan has the wealthiest international community in the world. Metropolis readers are 79% business professionals in Tokyo with an average income of ¥437,375/month. 52% pick up Metropolis every issue. 59% keep copies for reference.

Metropolis has 250 clients in each issue, the largest of any English magazine. Most Metropolis advertisers are long-term clients that started with small sizes, received good results and have upgraded their ad sizes.

Our Competitive Advantages

Metropolis is focus of foreigner lifestyle/community in Japan including Expats, English teachers, tourists and everyone in between. We are undisputed number one and the largest English-language B2C publication outside of daily newspapers. We own more than 50% of free-paper market and the business is integrated and well positioned in paper, web, mobile and services. Our brand is famous and respected and all our readers are loyal and engaged.

Metropolis is actively extending to the Web
– JapanTourist.jp has become largest inbound travel website (by volume)
– Developing Events and other web tools

– Metropolis recently acquired by Japan Parnership KK
– Now seeking investor with interest in publishing, JPY20MM-JPY30MM
– Investment to update technoloyg, increase web marketing and personnel

  • 1994 – Tokyo Classifieds founded by Mary and Mark Devlin- First English-language free paper in Japan
    – First English-language free paper in Japan
  • 2001 – Tokyo Classifieds renamed Metropolis
  • 2005 – Glitterball party concept established (Halloween at ex-Valfarre location)
  • 2007 – Metropolis bought by Japan Inc. Holdings
    – JPY380MM buy-out price, cash and debt
  • 2008 – Metropolis hits 40,000 print run
    – Now 20,000, with occasional increases to 30,000, 1,024 distribution points
  • 2010 – Online effort: Classifieds, MetroCommunity SNS, MetroShopping, Members Club
  • 2011 – Company struggles with 3/11 disaster aftermath
    – Page count reduced to 40 (now 32)
    – Metrohomes.jp and JapanTourist.jp launched, to speed up transition to Web
  • 2012 – Metropolis taken over by Japan Partnership KK
    – Business returns to profitability
    – Services business started: design, translation, content creation/blogging
    – Tie-up with US Armed Forces Stars & Stripes
  • Residents in Japan
    – We mainly target foreigners living in Japan
    – Metropolis current core is 75,000 wealthy English-speaking residents +50,000 Japanese spouses and kids
    – 50,000 US military
    – 180,000 Filipinas, Indians, Africans, others with strong English skills
  • Tourists
    – 3 major language groups amongst tourists
    – English, Chinese, Korean
    – English is spoken by most tourists who are not Chinese/Korean
    – Largest group and primary target
    – SE Asians are most likely to be repeaters, and use English as second language
  • 32-page, 4-color, fortnightly magazine
    – 20,000 print copies, 60,000+ readers
    – Distributed to 500+ locations plus Stars & Stripes
  • Largest in magazine segment (*internal 2010 survey)
    – 32% of all revenue Japan-wide
    – 63.4% of all copies published Japan-wide
  • Superior to web for local expats
    – Many expats follow websites in own country, in preference to those here
    – Metropolis is a “tradition” and people look for it, paper ensures high engagement
    – Stores, hotels, cafes, use Metropolis as a welcome sign for foreigners
    – Tourists don’t know what Japan websites to follow – paper is easier once they are here
  • Very stable
    – Aside from the disruptions of Lehman and 3/11, business is very stable
    – Advertisers used to pricing and like the results of Metropolis ads
    – 50%+ repeat advertisers
  • Excellent platform
    – Brand, longevity, content, pricing, ad results = high level of goodwill and future business
  • Metropolis Classifieds
    – Japan’s largest English-language online classifieds
    – Main online revenue source for 2012 (approximate JPY7MM/annual)
  • JapanTourist.jp
    – Japan’s largest inbound travel site (by volume)
    – Revenue from ads, sponsored stories, commissions on hotel bookings
  • Metrohomes.jp
    – Japan’s largest database of foreigner accommodation
    – Populated from databases of 5 major partners (Ken, Plaza Homes, Japan Home Search, Mitsui,
    Sumitomo) and others
    – Revenue from ads, sponsored stories, blogging services
  • Future
    – Listings service for events
    – Mobile applications (versus mobile-ready websites)

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8F Nishi-Azabu Sonic Bldg,
3-2-12 Nishi-Azabu,
Minato-ku, 106-0031 Tokyo

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