Testimonials to Terrie Lloyd - Jose Luis Ochoa_Senior Consultant at IBM Japan

I just had the opportunity to meet personally Terrie a week ago, however I have been following his business articles since I came to Japan to course my MBA in 2006. Always valuables and full of information about japanese market. If you do business in Japan he is definitely a must in your contact list.

Jose Luis Ochoa

Senior Consultant at IBM Japan

Terrie Lloyd Japan_Doris de Beer_Managing Director at TSK Laboratory Europe B.V.

Our company hired Terrie as an advisor to help establish ourselves in Japan and to formulate a new business strategy. He brings to us the needed expertise that is hard to find and he and his team demonstrates a hands-on approach that will significantly reduce our market entry time. I can recommend Terrie to anyone who plans to enter or expand their business in the Japanese market and would strongly recommend the services he is offering. The Japanese market is extremely complex and having an expert like Terrie guide will definitely increase your success rate, reduce the time to get yourself set-up and eventually save you a lot of money!

Doris de Beer

Managing Director at TSK Laboratory Europe B.V.

Testimonials to Terrie Lloyd - Tom Sato_Japan Representative SalesGate International, Principal Tom Sato Business Development

One of a kind. Extensive network in Japan and very solid entreprenuer. I’ve know Terrie for 10 years and has helped me so many times.

Tom Sato

Japan Representative SalesGate International, Principal Tom Sato Business Development

Testimonials to Terrie Lloyd_Michael Dougherty_CareerCross - Account Executive

Terrie is the really professional and friendly CEO that everyone hopes to be able to have at their company. He was also open to me asking questions and always encouraged me while I worked for Metropolis as a sales executive and and a representative for Linc Media’s services as well. His in-depth knowledge about marketing/media/IT in Japan and abroad makes him a great business partner and consultant as well.

Michael Dougherty

CareerCross – Account Executive

Testimonials to Terrie Lloyd - Wendy Imura_Vice President, Investor Relations, Mizuho Securities USA

Terrie literally wrote the book on how to start and build a successful business in Japan. His Entrepreneur’s Handbook Workshop set me on the path to incorporating and running Occams, and was one of the most worthwhile professional seminars that I’ve ever attended.

Working with Terrie was a pleasure. Writing for his publications was a fun, rewarding experience, and his team is top notch. I think Terrie’s resilience, insight into Japanese business trends, and willingness to take risks will continue to bring him success. Above all else, he has been a thoughtful mentor with excellent business acumen, and I recommend him without reservation.

Wendy Imura

Vice President, Investor Relations, Mizuho Securities USA

Terrie Lloyd Creating Business in Japan_Yoshinori-Sekimoto_Partner Sales at Intelligence.Ltd

He was great entrepreneur and he has extensive network in Japan market. His experience & knowledge in the Japanese market is second to none.I learned many things in Daijob.com & the experiences become great asset to me. He has helped me so many times.

Yoshinori Sekimoto

Partner Sales at Intelligence.Ltd

Terrie Lloyd Japan - Steve Burson_President, H&R Consultants K.K  Relo Japan KK

Terrie is one of the people I most highly respect in Japan. Not only is he one of Japan’s most respected foreign entrepreneurs with Japan experience we all wish we have half of, but he shares his knowledge and wisdom regularly through Terrie’s Take, seminars and much, much more.
Terrie’s seminars about business in Japan are so informative that I recommend them to our staff before any other training program, and I get so much out of listening to his wisdom on any occasion.
Terrie is truly dedicated to making Japan a more open and international place and if you are doing business in Japan, I highly recommend you meet Terrie. For those looking to invest in Japan, I seriously recommend Terrie as your first point of contact for a truly trustworthy advice.

Steve Burson

President, H&R Consultants K.K / Relo Japan K.K.

Testimonials to Terrie Lloyd - Brian Nelson_Co-Founder and Chairman BNC, Co., Ltd.

Terrie is a successful entrepreneur who has provided extensive support and solutions for many companies in Japan. His experience in the Japanese market place is second to none. If you are lucky enough to be counted among Terrie’s friends and contacts, you know that he is always willing to lend a hand and help improve whatever you are working on.

Brian Nelson

Co-Founder and Chairman BNC, Co., Ltd.

Terrie Lloyd Creating Business in Japan - Willhemina Wahlin_Graphic Designer, Journalist, Editor

I have worked as a writer for Terrie Lloyd’s magazine, Japan Inc, for a number of years, and it has been my extreme pleasure to be involved with his organization. Terrie is one of the hardest working people I know, but always has time to listen to story suggestions or other ideas. He has a great reputation in publishing because he treats his staff with much respect, is always honest and reliable, and allows writers the space they need to create great work.I cannot recommend Terrie highly enough, and congratulate him on his growing success in publishing.

Willhemina Wahlin

Graphic Designer, Journalist, Editor