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US Returnees Head for the Boonies

Recently, I have been getting requests from companies outside Tokyo looking for skilled staff. Although these are name-brand firms and they normally would get oodles of responses from applicants in Tokyo, for some strange reason positions outside Tokyo seem to be of little interest – in fact, the further away from Tokyo the job […]

My Personal Assistant

One of the most important people in my team is my Personal Assistant (PA). Notice that I didn’t call her a secretary. In a smaller company like DaiJob.com, staff often bear multiple responsibilities and almost certainly have to have a wider range of skills than in larger firms. This point of being able to […]

Translation Job Tips from Terrie Lloyd

H.O: Hello! I am looking for a translation job (English <-> Japanese) in which I can work during my free time (I don’t want to have to go to the office everyday) as I am working another part time job already. Do you know of any employers or recruiting companies that offer such translation […]

Request from India: Terrie Lloyd Advise

I get a lot of mail from readers in India, wondering how to come and work in Japan. Here is one such recent letter from a young woman with a Commerce degree.

S.B: I first developed an interest in Japan when I started learning the language several years ago and have passed the JLPT 4-kyu […]

What Japanese Recruiters are Good For

Once every now and again I look around the Japan-focused chat boards to get a feel for what people are looking for work and how they find it. Over the last few months, I’ve noticed more and more postings from people who are dissatisfied with recruiting companies – and labeling one company or another […]

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    Seishain (Regular Employee in Japan): Defined by Terrie Lloyd

Seishain (Regular Employee in Japan): Defined by Terrie Lloyd

Occasionally I get questions from people already working in a Japanese company who are struggling to determine if they are being discriminated against. Here is one such case:

AB: I’d like to ask you about the distinction that many Japanese companies place between Contract and regular Seiki (full-time) employees. I have worked for a major […]

  • Marketing and PR Opportunities Terrie Lloyd Point of View
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    Marketing and PR Opportunities: Terrie Lloyd’s Point of View

Marketing and PR Opportunities: Terrie Lloyd’s Point of View

I don’t often talk about the job opportunities for marketing and PR positions. In fact there are a ton of jobs out there – however, you don’t hear about them much in the foreign media because of the fact that for such positions companies mostly hire from an “inner circle” of marketing professionals. To […]

Terrie Lloyd Advice in Finding Jobs Outside Tokyo Japan

If you’re outside Tokyo, hearing of all the job opportunities available for foreigners here in the capital must be a bit frustrating. Today we have a question from a reader in Shizuoka lamenting the lack of choice in other prefectures.

VF: I’d like to ask for your help in finding an IT job here in […]

Sexual Harassment in Interviews

In polite Japan, people don’t talk much about the underside of a paternal working society, where young women in particular are expected to suffer in silence from sexual harassment from their seniors. A pat on the bottom from the boss, awkward questions about one’s love life from the bucho, and persistent requests for a […]

Resume Structuring Tips from Terrie Lloyd

Applying for a job with a multinational company starts with your resume. In this current economic climate, a well-written resume will usually get you to the first interview at least, so it’s important that you spend time on it.

If you’re bilingual, you should always submit both an English and a Japanese resume. This way, […]