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Closing That Job Offer – Tips from Terrie Lloyd as Recruiting Consultant

So, you’ve been to three interviews with the same company. You’ve met everyone from the Business and HR Managers, to the CEO for Japan. You’re totally confident that you’re the chosen one, and your recruiter is telling you that you should get ready for some good news on Monday. Then, on Friday night, the […]

Work in the Medical Field: Terrie Lloyd interviewing Guy Harris

Occasionally I get enquiries about work in the medical field, so I went to talk to Guy Harris D.O, the CEO of Digital Medical Communications (DMC). Guy’s company develops telemedicine and e-care platforms and services. Guy himself, has been in Japan 16 years, starting off in the rewriting and editing field for pharmaceutical companies, […]

A Small Town in Japan Called Tokyo

The greater “Keihin” area describes the landmass from where the buildings of Kanagawa merge into Tokyo, that spreads out over 4 surrounding cities to the North and East. The Keihin area is one of the developed world’s largest metropolises, with over 30 million people living within 2 hours train ride of Ginza, Shibuya, or […]

Terrie Lloyd Notes for Nigel (Lotus Software Developer)

As promised, I will continue to open up my casebook of job enquiries, so that readers can have a reference to some real-world situations. Today’s case is “Nigel” who is a Lotus software developer looking to come and work in Japan for the first time. Nigel is a US citizen who has been interested […]

Calling All Procurement Managers

The title Procurement Manager means different things to different people, but in a larger multinational corporation this is usually a pretty exciting job. Typically there are two types of procurement positions available in Japan, the more senior role that covers many aspects of the business, and the less so, focusing mainly on managing and […]

Staff Housing Tip

Japan’s direct and indirect taxation levels for companies are among the highest in the world, and foreign senior managers often wonder how Japanese companies can survive. In actual fact of course, the overheads are hitting everyone really hard, but there are some tricks that can help you reduce your employee overheads significantly.

The one I […]

How Much Japanese Skill is Enough?

Over the last year or so, I’ve been hammering home the message that any non-Japanese wanting to get a job in Japan can significantly increase their salary and promotion prospects by learning the language. However, I don’t think I’ve ever said just how much language skill is enough.

Of course, it depends on the type […]

Finding Top Lieutenants

One of the most difficult jobs for the foreign CEO of an organization in Japan is finding trusted, capable, and effective right-hand men (or women) to assist with operations and the general affairs of running a company, i.e. a COO or CIO. If you have the cash and a mandate from Head Office, it […]

Why Surviving a Japanese Company is Tough

There is no doubt that the best way to acquire a decent level of Japanese and an excellent collection of business contacts is to join a Japanese company (versus a foreign capital one) in Japan. Some of the best people we’ve ever placed have come through this route. While it’s an excellent education, almost […]

Terrie Lloyd Giving More Advice

Thanks to good exposure on the Internet, I regularly get enquiries from people asking for additional advice about their personal situation. I welcome the email, but would ask that people follow some simple rules of engagement:

1. Please always send your resume (not photos) with your first email, so that I can evaluate your experience […]