Terries Job Tips

Returning to Japan

Although no one seems to have the real numbers, from what I can gather there are about 50,000 tertiary students studying in North America every year. Of this number, about 4,000 are doing an MBA or other Masters course. Outside the USA, there are probably another 30,000 people studying in similar ratios in Europe, […]

Japan Inc. Needs You

Ten years ago, an American friend who was also the CEO of a technology company asked me if I could help him get more information about business opportunities in Japan. At that time, the Japanese bubble had burst and he thought it would be a good time to enter the Japanese market. I looked […]

Using your recruiter intelligently

If you’re a bilingual software engineer, a bilingual senior manager, or a high-powered sales person, don’t bother reading this. However, if you’re one of the “rest of us”, then listen up.

Like many people in the recruiting business, I’ve been getting calls on a daily basis from highly qualified people who didn’t plan to be […]

Internship Program: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Most US universities have an internship system offering students practical experience during or immediately following their courses. Most of these programs are well-managed outsourcing of practical training that helps students round out their resume and understand what a full-time job is all about. Although some large companies use internships as a means of vetting […]

Recession-busting CEOs Become Salespeople

I recently had the good fortune of hearing FutureBrand’s Asia-Pacific CEO, Matthew de Villiers, speak about how his industry, the branding industry, has changed dramatically since the New York Trade Center disaster. His clients have curtailed their media and marketing spending and become much more conservative. Then it occurred to me that indeed the […]

Rules to Effective Sales

In these tough times, sales is the lifeblood of most companies. Without good salespeople, a company’s human potential and intellectual assets are worth little. Actually, we’re all having to become salespeople for our companies, interacting more with strangers and more assiduously maintaining relationships.

Surprisingly, many salespeople don’t seem to understand that by knowing a few […]

“Terrie’s Take” on selling

These days, getting a pay raise is not just a matter of being in the company a long time. CEOs and managers are getting smarter about rewarding innovation and increased contribution. But the big question is, “How can I increase my contribution when I’m already working my guts out?”

The answer is by working smarter, […]

IT: What Should I Learn?

The IT business is a good source of employment. When times are good, companies are all trying to develop new, exciting ways to reach the mass market, and when times are bad, companies are trying to cut costs by automating. Either way, the technology needs people to create and operate it.

It’s no wonder then […]

India as a Career Opportunity

Back in 1990, I believe that I was one of the first entrepreneurs to bring skilled PC and network engineers into corporations to cut costs and boost quality. Today, this process is called Outsourcing. We didn’t have a name for it then, but it was an obvious development of the ongoing search for better […]

The Web and Hong Kong’s Ion Global

In 1999, in the midst of the Internet boom, a small company in Hong Kong announced that it was going to do an IPO on Nasdaq. The company had a modest $3M Web design business, offices in 4-5 countries around Asia, and was touting itself as an up-and-coming Asian e-solutions powerhouse. Not many people […]