The days of companies using charisma and stock options alone to attract talented people have long since passed. Nowadays, dot.coms are judged by the same criteria as other companies: working conditions, growth, commissions, profit sharing, and a friendly, professional atmosphere.

Usually, I write about other people and other companies, but this time I thought I’d focus on DaiJob itself. We’re in the recruiting business. Against the wishes of some would-be investors, we decided not to be solely an online operation. We also provide broad-based services that take an applicant all the way from finding job information online to getting advice on presentation, support in dealing with undecided hirers, and eventual placement. Being both an online and offline business means that DaiJob has a wide range of job openings, from software engineers and Web designers to consultants and media sales staff.

Right now, is looking for entry-level sales staff and senior salespeople who have experience selling media and possess outgoing, positive personalities. Being bilingual and having experience at a foreign company (or if youユre non-Japanese, experience at a Japanese company) is also a big plus. A sales position is an excellent way to get into the recruiting business, and over time we want our media sales people to graduate into more senior positions at the company. Of course, some people do so well in the sales environment that they donユt want to change positions. In any case, entry-level people get to workwith a team of seasoned professionals who will help them learn the ropes.

What makes DaiJob an interesting place for senior sales staff is that we do more than just simple media sales. Instead, we also provide holistic recruiting solutions (yes, weユre fully licensed) that include newspaper ad campaigns, online ads, screening, interviewing, and headhunting. This type of holistic approach is quite unique in the market and allows us to get closer to larger clients who would otherwise do these services in-house. This, of course, means that weユre looking for salespeople who can identify client needs and consult them on what they should be doing. Our salespeople need to anticipate business opportunities that might fall outside the regular recruiting area. For example, helping newly arrived US companies draw up work rules, find a CEO remuneration lawyer, or even incorporate the new company.

What makes DaiJob an interesting place to work lies partly in the philosophy of the company and also in the type of work we do. The company was born on very entrepreneurial principles, which means that we reward results and donユt really pay much attention to age and rigid work practices. The online recruiting business is changing all the time, which means so are we. Thus, our regular employees, in particular our sales team, are involved in developing sales strategies and new products and services. It’s a lot more fun when youユre selling something you helped build and believe in.

Indeed, working in DaiJob is less about sales and more about developing business. As such, it’s ideal training for entrepreneurs wanting to start their own business some day. I’m proud to say that there are a number of people in the company who want to start their own operations after they’re done with DaiJob. As an employer, maybe I should be nervous about people who want to leave us some time in the future. However, as an entrepreneur, I fully embrace the spirit of starting a company and am happy to provide the environment for such people to grow in. If you want to learn more about DaiJob, you can email us at