The Tech Economy may be in a meltdown shambles, but there are still some pretty cool opportunities out there for the more adventurous and tech-savvy of us. All these jobs are available through the web site or through DaiJob’s Ambition Consulting team.

Take for example the Designer/Web Master position for a major bank. The position is for someone to help the bank’s internal services staff create an image and user interface for the many network services that the team provides. Internal users from the bank’s CEO down to the ladies on the reception desk will be using the interfaces, art, and back-end connectivity solutions that the designer will be building. Not only do you get a chance to be creative, but you also have the advantage of a reliable bank job .

Creating solutions on-the-fly seems to be a more commonly occurring theme recently. We have another opportunity for several VB developers to work with systems architects to create screen layouts and data presentation to show senior management during periodic reviews of each project. Because most software projects leave the front end until last, and yet because most senior managers want to see demonstrable progress in order to keep funding a technology project, it makes political good sense for the IT Department to build regular prototypes. A waste of time? Maybe. A great opportunity to safely learn the complex business systems of a major insurance company? Absolutely!

How would you like to travel to Holland, New York, and South Africa all in the period of a year, helping software companies localize their products into Japanese? The job requires a knowledge of localization techniques, but more importantly project management skills and good communication ability. Programming knowledge is not a key requirement, because most modern software is already built on 2-byte friendly platforms such as Unicode. About 1-3 months will be spent on each location, offering an excellent way to see the world and to hook oneself into future work opportunities.

If you like the convoluted world of security and defeating hackers, there are some excellent opportunities in local banks and systems companies for bilingual LAN/WAN security experts. Naturally experience in the security field is important, but perhaps more so is the ability to stay on the look out for new technologies and new vulnerabilities. These positions for the cerebrally intense, who don’t feel like they need to get a life!

One of the problems with being a computer engineer is that once you hit 35 years old, many companies start to consider you as over the hill for regular tech positions. That’s why it’s important that as an engineer – especially a vulnerable foreign engineer in Japan – to keep up your professional development. The good news is there is an increasing need for competent project managers both in software development and networking. The required experience is usually hands on application early on in your career, followed by practical project management – even small projects – that prove your ability to manage people and meet deadlines. One such job is with a package software vendor, who is looking for a Project Manager with programming experience, but more importantly practical people management and reporting skills.

More job peeks in future issues.

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